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Skyblock Papercut's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Papercut, Aug 22, 2017.



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  1. Country: USA
    Age: 18
    Timezone: EST
    Discord Tag: #9927
    Working Microphone: Yes, but I refrain from using it.
    My minecraft account private and Mojang migrated: Yes to both.

    Please explain (in-detail) why you should be chosen for trial:

    I believe I should be a Moderator because I am a very mature, loyal person looking for something to look forward to. Your server is a great one and you should be proud of it, but I don't see that many staff members on. I am very active and play for large amounts of time during the day, and at night sometimes. I am 18, almost 19 years old, and I know how to understand the mostly young players of Minecraft. I have very good grammar, and I keep my messages as appropriate as possible to avoid and conflict. I know the rules of your server and can read them again if you wish. I am not easily made angry by outside sources, and I can keep my cool in practically any situation. I really do enjoy helping people out. It's such an incredible feeling you get when everything is at ease, and you can relax for a few moments. If I were to obtain a staff position here, I would make sure to always try my best and put in all of the effort I can to fix whatever needs fixing.

    Many aspects of myself have probably been explained already, but I'll list and describe my most prominent ones here:

    I am a very considerate person and will not quit or resign because of some simple issue. I know that being a staff member would bring stress, and I feel I am confident to handle it on a daily basis.

    I love Skyblock, but most importantly I love to help people. It's the rush of knowing that someone was in distress and you yourself fixed it, and now everything is at ease. It's truly an amazing thing to take part in, and one of the main reasons I'd like to become a staff member here.

    I am a trustworthy person and I have never abused any commands on your server or any others in the past. I know doing so will result in punishment, but that's a whole other story. I only use the commands I acquire to help, regardless of the temptations.

    I am a mature individual who loves to build, and almost all of the time I am in a placid mood. I, surprisingly, hate being the center of attention in real world situations, thus making me a very shy person. However, being a staff member, I will be as open as possible to the players and my peers.

    Open Mindedness:
    I am a very lax person and I will take any feedback regardless of the emotions conveyed with it. I try my best to conform to what others need, whether it be my building style or simply how I go about moderating a server.

    I am a very fair person and will not judge punishments based on previous relationships with players. If the person receiving a punishment is a friend, they will get the same things done to them as if they were a normal player. To simplify, I have virtually no bias. I handle all situations the same, without any changes in my methods.

    I know that this is a big server that's only getting bigger, and we need to keep it as appropriate as possible seeing as the players are mostly young. I do not swear often, and if I do, it's not public.

    I can take care of multiple things at once, which would make me a good asset to your team. I'm very good at keeping secrets, but I'm also good at getting people to admit to things.


    While I've only played here for less than a day, I am very impressed by the server. I've been looking for a stable Skyblock server for a very long time now after the previous one I played on shut down, and this one meets all of my requirements. I've got the staff protocol bookmarked, the rules (partially) memorized, and I'm ready to jump into things. I'm still getting used to how some stuff works on the server but I love how new it feels, other than the fact that I can't use my key kits. My enthusiasm towards your server will also show as I develop a great relationship with the community, learning what they like and what they'd like to see added or removed on the server. I am a very mellow person and can provide excellent personal service to individual players while also taking my job here as seriously as I take my actual job in real life.

    I currently work at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut on the East coast of the USA as a support specialist. Sounds fancy, but all I really do is unload pallets, hand out gifts to our customers and complete various jobs at the events we host. This job requires me to be very welcoming and respectful and I am ready to deliver the players of this server the same experience I give to the thousands of people I meet at work. I am a take charge person and I'm not afraid to step up if a severe issue arises on our server.

    Additional information:
    -My work schedule is on call, so if there is a set amount of time I must play per day as a staff member, I may not be able to conform to it some days, but I will make up for it with my dedication to the server

    -I am definitely not comfortable speaking online. I have severe anxiety and will have panic attacks if I try to. I apologize sincerely if this is an inconvenience.


    I just now noticed that there is what appears to be a template for staff applications, so I'm going to fill out that one as well, below. It may look a little lackluster because I won't be including the content I've already provided above.

    (had to put it into a pastebin because it made the thread exceed the 10,000 character limit)
  2. 'Working Microphone: Yes, but I refrain from using it.'

    May be an issue, we need to interview you soon. Please contact Cazza preferably via Discord.

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